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March 2006 - Acquisition of slavery artefacts
Two ankle cuffs used on slaves were acquired by the Mauritius Museums Council in March 2006. These slavery items come from West Africa

3 November 2005 - Discovery of the tombstone of Gabriel Igou, the first Catholic priest of Isle de France.
During the construction works on the site of the ancient lââ,¬â"¢Enfoncementââ,¬ ââ,¬ËoCimetiÃf¨re de ;â"¢ near the Companyââ,¬â"¢s Garden at Port Louis, human bones and three tombstones were found on Thursday 3 November 2005. One of the tombstones belongs to Gabriel Igou, one of the first catholic priests of Isle de France, who died on 2 April 1764. The bones and tombstones have been temporarily transferred to the Mauritius Museums Council.

28 October 2005 - Discovery of fossil bones of Dodo at Mare aux Songes
Hundreds of bones of Dodo, tortoise and other extinct birds were discovered by a group of Dutch researchers at Mare aux Songes, a swamp in the southeast of Mauritius on 28 October 2005.

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